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Warranty Policy

Although we strive for perfection in everything we do, there may be a case where things happen beyond our reasonable control. In these cases, we offer the following Warranty Policy as protection for you, our customer.

RJ Series Landing Gear 36 Months or 3000 Cycles
Beechcraft Landing Gear 18 Months or 2000 Cycles
Bombardier/Dash Series Landing Gear 36 Months or 3000 Cycles
B737 Wheels And Brakes 180 Days or 100 Hours
Components 18 Months or 100 Hours
All Repairs 180 Days or 100 Hours/Cycles
Interiors/Upholstry Repairs 30 Days
Welding Work No Warranty
Cosmetic Coatings No Warranty
Non-Destructive Inspection No Warranty

Contract Warranty agreements will take precedence over the policies listed above.

Warranty claims will be denied with there is evidence of the following:

Unauthorized repairs or Alterations
Invasion of Seals - Opening or otherwise disassembling
Misuse or Improper installation
Damage caused by mishandling
Improper Storage
Environmental Damage

If you have any questions about our Warranty policy or your wish to submit a Warranty Claim, please contact warranty@avrotechnik.ca

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